"CODESIGN" is a blend of the two words "code" and "design." McKennyKrug provides building code application and engineering design services for public jurisdictions, municipal districts and private sector clients.

Public sector entities can look at our plan review services section for aspects of code review with which we can typically assist a building or community development department. As licensed California structural and civil engineers, we can review projects requiring an equivalent license-level review - essential services buildings, for example. We are recognized by the International Code Council as certified plans examiners through the 2012 IBC, and have been active and certified plans examiners since the days of the International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO) and the 1985 UBC.

Private sector firms interested in obtaining a building project peer review may be interested in our peer review services section. Similar to our plan review services, a peer review provides a tailored level of code review for any building project prior to jurisdictional submittal. This can compress the project completion schedule by addressing major code issues at the design/development stage.

Back to basics. As licensed California structural and civil engineers we provide structural and civil engineering design services for owners, architects and builders. Click on this link for our engineering design overview that also includes specialty design topics.


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